Agriculture products processing

Organization of products of reindeer breeding and sea animal hunting processing
(antlers of young Siberian stags, skins and fat)

Project’s originator Department of agricultural policy and management of the environment of Chukotka
Location Chukotka, Russia
Used technologies and supposed equipments value The project provides for construction of shop floors according to the following specification:

In reindeer breeding:
1. Special slaughter-floors with output commercial products equipment;
2. Small shop floors for processing of raw materials: skins, kamus (reindeer legs skins*), fragments of ossified antlers, antlers of young Siberian stags, endocrine glands and blood in order to receive commercial output.

In sea animal hunting:
1.Small modular type shop floors with equipment for getting of fat of liquid consistency and first processing and conservation of sea pinnipeds skins in Lorino;
2. Sea pinnipeds and fur-bearing animals currying shop floor in Lavrentiya.

Additional information Reindeer breeding: prospects of products processing are connected with usage of unique qualities of raw materials, production of biostimulants and biologically active substances. Products received from the Chukchi reindeer differ with their ecological and biological purity which can be explained by the geographical position of the region and lack of huge industrial organizations on the territory of Chukotka. There is a lack of the virus diseases antibodies, heavy metals salts, antibiotics, artificial hormones, pesticides and other harmful elements in the Chukchi reindeers organism which is very important for biological and food industry and genetic engineering.

Sea animal hunting: meat and fat of sea mammals contain biologically active substances which prevent cardiovascular diseases lowering the level of heavy cholesterol in blood. Fat is a valuable product for pharmaceutical and fragrance industries. Average annual sea pinnipeds catches are more than 10. 000 heads having total weigh of 3. 000 tons. These are only agricultural enterprises which are taken into account. Besides annually the region receives an allocation of 135 grey whales and 5 bowhead whales. More over only the fifth part of the total permissible catches is used in the region. If there is need for products of sea animal hunting production of sea pinnipeds meat up to 10 thousand tons, skins of sea mammals up to 15-20 thousand pieces, fat and endocrine and enzyme raw materials for biological and pharmaceutical industry is possible.

Degree of projects completion Investment offer
Financial projects appraisal:
Total project value, including For reindeer breeding (353 million rubles)
For sea animal hunting (57 million rubles)
Form of investment Direct investment or entry into equity
Supply with labour resources It will be required 162 people taking into account engaged workers in the period of construction.