Construction of a new refining complex

Project’s originator Industrial policy, construction and housing and public utility department of Chukotka
Projects target  1. Reducing of expenditure connected with oil products delivery to the region, lowering of dependency on the situation on the world market and leaving of oil products delivery by carriers monopoly prices diktat.

 2. Accelerated development of Chukotkas industrial potential on the basis of construction and developing of transport infrastructure and development of the Verkhne-Telekaiskoye field (oil)

Location Anadyr municipality, Anadyr, Chukotsky Autonomous Region, Russia
Project supply with stock (materials)
For support of the project the construction of the following properties will be required:

1. Oil refinery in Anadyr;

2. Oil pipeline: the Verkhnee-Telekaiskoye field — the oil Refinery of Anadyr having 138 km in length;

3. Head pumping station;

4. Petroleum storage depot of 300. 000 m3 capacity;

5. Oil-loading terminal in Anadyr port with capacity to receive vessels of NO-3 (“Partizansk” vessels analogue) and NO-6 (Ventspils vessels analogue).

Consumer markets description Consumers of oil products will be Chukotkas companies but it is also possible to transport oil beyond the regions border zone.
Additional information Verkhne-Telekaiskoye fields oil has the following density 0,853-0870g/m3. It is sweet (i.e. its sulphur content is 0,04-0,07%) and highly paraffinic (its paraffin content is 16,26-19,56%) and it contains few tar.
Expected result of projects realization
  • Increase of own income providing foundation;
  • Development of industrial and transport infrastructure in strategicallyimportant (on the border with the USA) but the most distant and spareslypopulated region of Russia;
  • Improvement of the quality of peoples life;
  • Annual oil product production till 350. 000 tons (fuel oil M40/M-100-180 thousand tons, arctic diesel oil – 100 thousand tons, NAFTHA (once-run gasoline) 50 thousand tons and jet A1 20 thousand tons) for provision of the regions needs;
  • Construction of new objects of transport infrastructure;
  • Growth of own regional income foundation
Degree of completion and project appraisal
  • Preliminary arguments in support of investments
  • Oil pipeline construction exploratory works were conducted
Project implementation period beginning of realization putting into operation
During 5 years of the beginning of its realization
Direction of investments
  • Construction
  • Research developments
  • Development effort
Belonging to a branch of economy
  • Extractive industry
  • Manufacture
Sectoral projects belonging
  • Minerals resources production
  • Manufacturing activities
Total project value 9 billion rubles
Form of investment Direct investment or entry into equity (creation of a joint enterprise with a license holder)
Supply with labour resources It will be required 1. 500 people taking into account engaged workers in the period of construction