Чукотский автономный округ


The living conditions in Chukotka are characterized by the highest indicators of extremeness with the temperatures dropping down to -55 C combined with strong winds, long polar nights and considerable seasonal fluctuations of solar radiation. A part of the population lives in remote villages dependent upon unpredictable transport operation as the patients from reindeer herding brigades and native villages are transported only by sanitary aviation. 

In accordance with the staff schedule there were 575 doctor positions in 2009, of them 242 positions were assigned to outpatient clinics and 333 positions – to inpatient clinics. 313 doctors were employed in the regional healthcare system.  
Doctors working in outpatient clinics in 2009 occupied 58.7% of the medical staff positions, in 2010 – 61.9%. It is planned to increase the doctor staffing level up to 66.7% by the end of 2012 by carrying out recruitment campaign. 
The outpatient clinic of the Public Healthcare Institution “The Chukotka Regional Hospital” served 453100 visits in 2009. 
Pharmacological service of the population of the Chukotka Autonomous Region is carried out by 6 public, 2 municipal and 6 private licensed pharmacies. There are no organizations engaged in wholesale trade of pharmaceuticals and goods of medical purpose. 

Pharmaceuticals are delivered by pharmacies that place orders with regard to demand, price, quality and possibility of timely delivery by air or mixed railway-sea transport from Vladivostok. 

The private sector of the pharmaceutical market produces at least 50% of the turnover of the public and municipal pharmacies. Private pharmacies work only in the cities. 

Population in distant small settlements is served by public and municipal pharmacies that subcontract personnel of the medical and obstetrical stations, ambulance stations and community hospitals. 365 titles of prescribed medicines are approved for sale there as well as medicines sold over the counter. 

Per capita turnover of the public and municipal pharmacies in 2010 was 3300 rubles.  

The order of the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Region # 69-rp dated February 26, 2010 “On the State Regulation of Prices to Essential and the Most Important Pharmaceuticals” established the trade markup limit for the registered manufacturer’s price to necessary and the most important pharmaceuticals ranked by cost of up to 50 rubles; between 50 and 500 rubles; over 500 rubles since April 01, 2010. 

As of October 01, 2010 17912 citizens (36.93%) living in the Chukotka Autonomous Region are entitled to free pharmaceuticals and goods of medical purpose, of them 1542 (3.18%) are funded from the federal budget and 16370 (33.75%) – from the regional budget. 

The benefits funded by the budget of the Chukotka Autonomous Region are used by 95.6% of the population referred to the benefit-entitled citizens. 

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